Construction Building Materials was started in 1946 when Gugliermo “Butch” Cattani, Peter Cattani, Nicholas Listorti, Joseph Quaranta and Angelo Quattrocchi purchased one of the oldest businesses in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Under the leadership of Angelo Quattrocchi, the coal yard was transformed into a fuel oil business and building material supplier. The business continues to be owned and operated by the extended Quattrocchi family.

Over the years, CBM has expanded beyond their Bristol location to include a home center and lumber yard at 4258 Bristol Road, Oakford, PA.


Early Expansion Project


One of our First Trucks


Our Yard Circa 1950


Early O’Donnell Brothers Receipt
Circa 1925


Joseph Quaranta & Nicolas Listorti, working on an early project.


O’Donnell Brothers Receipt
Circa 1944