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Signs You Need Window Replacement Before Winter Starts

This winter’s going to be a cold one. Even though we’re not meteorologists, we’re still predicting that this winter’s going to be pretty cold because, well, it is almost every year in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. So, one of the best ways to protect you and your loved ones from the cold this year is to make sure your windows are made of high-quality materials and built to withstand the cold.


The Ultimate Features KraftMaid Cabinets Provide

Is it that time? Your cabinets are looking shabby, your kitchen or bathroom is looking drab. The idea of spending all winter cooped up with these terrible looking and feeling things is seeming more and more claustrophobic. Well, perhaps it is time to be convinced not on just replacing your cabinets (you already know you need to), but on what exactly to replace them with.

Nowadays, cabinets are no longer just cabinets. Don’t get us wrong, they still perform the same duties of holding all your plates, bowls, glasses, pots, pans, spices, etc. Only, now they do it in an astounding way–or rather, KraftMaid cabinets do.


Why Fall is the Best Time of the Year to Replace Your Windows

It’s always sad to see summer come to an end. But that feeling tends to dissolve once the realization hits that fall has arrived – because now there’s suddenly time to do the things we’ve been putting off all season long – like fixing up the house!

Why You Should Replace Your Windows in the Fall

Out of all the upgrades that could be made to your home, replacing the windows is one of the top projects preferred for fall. According to construction experts, autumn is the best time of year to renovate. The air is cooler, allowing builders to work comfortably, and rates go down due to the off-season.


How to Style Your Room’s Interior to Look Urban and Rustic

A homey feel, an urban essence, a natural atmosphere – these are just a few of the characteristics that make up rustic style interior design. The look has become popular amongst homeowners, inspiring remodeling projects for spaces such as living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, and studies. But as with all interior design styles, the room has to have the right decorative elements to make the room’s appearance look visually appealing. Those who aren’t designer-inclined may find decorating a rustic room tricky.


CBM is a Shore Thing!

Sandy toes.

Flip flops.cbm2

Boogie boards.


Boardwalk games.

Sand castles.

Frisbees, footballs, and funnel cake.

Construction Building Materials.


…See a pattern yet?


All of the above items listed are beach-related things that leave you with positive memories from your last shore trip.


Outdoor Renovation Ideas for Your Backyard

Nothing beats the summertime. Barbecues, bocce ball, Budweiser and just bumming it on those warm weekend days. But if you think about it more closely, all those “b” words have one thing in common, and it just so happens to also start with the same letter:


Of course, they all take place in your backyard!


In other words, to really optimize on those summer activities that you know and love to pursue, you’re going to want to make sure the backyard is in tip-top shape. Maybe it’s been a few years since you thought about giving it a little spruce up? Well, now is as good a time as ever to get it looking great again!


Three Reasons to Choose Integrity Windows and Doors Products for Your Project

What is a building without windows and doors? Nothing but four walls and a roof. Obviously, windows and doors are essential to any dwelling for functionality and appeal. When you are in need of quality materials for your construction project, you need the right products that meet specifications, as well as accommodate the budget. For door installations and replacement windows in Levittown, PA, we highly suggest Marvin Windows and Doors for their high performance products and commitment to excellent craftsmanship. We are a dealer for the manufacturer, offering their line of Integrity Windows and Doors. We’ve supplied tons of projects across the NJ and PA area with their topnotch building materials, working closely with local contractors and builders – our customers!


6 Easy DIY Tips That Will Transition Your Home from Winter to Spring

If you want your home to maintain its stylish appearance all year round, it’s important to prepare it for enduring the seasons as they change. The damaging effects of harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sun can deteriorate the exterior elements of the dwelling, thus putting a damper on the aesthetics. The best way to overcome it is to transition your home so that it will remain in good condition and keep a fresh look.