Achieve Shorter Downtime on Projects by Partnering with Construction Building Materials

When downtime occurs in the midst of a building project, it can cause stress levels to rise and the construction timeline to become elongated. There are a lot of factors that can cause downtime during a project, such as budget mismanagement, inadequately sourced materials, damaged equipment and understaffed workers. Having a reliable supplier to depend on can alleviate downtime by preventing some of these issues. At Construction Building Materials, we assist project managers and building contractors with bringing their construction assignment to completion through our dedicated services.

When you partner with us, we use our advanced processes and quality services to help you achieve less downtime and meet the expectations of stakeholders. Here’s how we are able to put your construction timeline at an advantage:

Faster Service with Quality Software Solutions

Unlike typical hardware store companies near Bensalem, PA, we operate using a first-rate software solutions program by Epicor Eagle, which allows us to provide our customers with the materials or tools they need fast and effectively. In turn, we also use the solutions software program in our company processes, which increases productivity to assist our customers promptly. While out in the field, builders never need to wait long for their materials or tools to arrive. Instant information retrieval, enhanced organization, instant access to reports and quicker point of sale transactions are just some of the aspects of our operations that help keep construction projects at a steady pace.

Affordable Building Products Help Stay within Budget

At Construction Building Materials, we specialize in offering the best construction products on the market at the most competitive prices, which can help builders budget their project by getting the materials they need without overspending. Plus, we always have great promotions and sales going on in our vast inventory that construction companies just can’t pass up.

Obtain the Materials Needed Right Away

We carry a wide range of building materials that meet the demands of construction projects of all types, including cabinetry for kitchen design, lumber for millwork, paint for houses and power tools for building. Our inventory contains everything you need to complete a project and, if there is an item you need that we don’t have, we are happy to help pinpoint the right product fast using our software solutions program.

We tailor our inventory according to the needs of our customers by simply getting to know them and establishing a long-term business relationship. Our customers can avoid downtime with CBM by having immediate access to materials, as well as being provided with topnotch customer service and affordable products. Let us get to know you so that we can help bring your construction project to completion.

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