Five New and Innovative Building Materials of the Construction Industry

If you are a builder or contractor, you want the best products that will make the construction project a success. Every year, new building materials become available to the market that provide amazing breakthroughs in the construction industry. By staying up to date on the new products entering the field, you will have a fresh insight to the latest innovations to expand your knowledge base. When making key decisions for project assignments, these advanced materials could make the perfect fit, even when managing the budget.




Revolutionary building materials are available in nearly every construction category, including HVAC, electrical, hardware, home furnishing, gardening, and kitchen remodeling – even in the Newtown, PA area. Here are five of our top picks.


  1. Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Board – There are many new siding materials surfacing and WPC board is just one of them. This siding is a new type of artificial wood that is made out of wood flour and PVC. It is ideal for providing weather resistance and is also eco-friendly. The appearance of the siding looks like fine wood and can be used to decorate any surface, including the exterior wall, interior wall, ceiling, and floor.


  1. Aluminum Flat Seam Panels – Mechanic designs can be enhanced with aluminum flat seam panels through 3D technology. This metal is used in a variety of applications because it provides the option to be manufactured in different forms, allowing design specifications to be met. Builders can work with the product manufacturers to create the design, which can be used for interior or exterior wall claddings, ceiling panels, fencing, and other decorative areas.


  1. Sensor Flushing Bathroom Toilets – Sensor flushing bathroom toilets are ideal for projects that need sustainable water management. They meet the standards of the industry, run on battery, and are easy to install. The toilets flush automatically, allowing water to be saved from being wasted and bathrooms to become much more sanitary.


  1. Natural Purple Crystal Semi-precious Stone Slabs – Natural stone slabs are a popular building material, but new designs continue to be introduced. One of the latest to become available is natural purple crystal stone slabs, which are made of marble, glass, and PVC. The result of the mixture is an attractive surface that boasts color and abstraction. It can be used as a countertop, bar table, wall, or any other decorative surface. A major benefit of this type of stone slab is that it is waterproof.


  1. Stone Coated Metal Roof Shingles – An alternative to asphalt shingles is stone coated metal roof shingles, because they are leakage proof and are easy to install. Structures with this shingle material have resistance against weather and wind, as well as UV protection. Aside from being eco-friendly, it provides an appealing European or Oriental style for exterior designing.


What new materials have caught your eye in the construction market? If you are in need of affordable building products, check out the inventory available on our website today.


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