The Benefits of Serving a Customer from an Independent Hardware Retailer

Big brand name hardware stores easily lure consumers in with their labeling and advertising tactics. Unfortunately, the more people who buy from them, the more likely the independent suppliers are to go out of business. Many independent hardware stores have closed down due to this issue. However, builders can highly benefit by serving their customers through the products of an independent hardware retailer. When you choose to support your local hardware store, you are providing for your customers in a variety of ways.

A study conducted this year by Civic Economics in partnership with the North American Hardware Retailing Association (NRHA) and Independent We Stand shows that buying from locally-owned hardware retailers creates twice as much economic activity than purchases made at giant chain hardware stores. This research exemplifies how local hardware stores benefit not only the customers you provide for, but the economy as well. Here are three other reasons why serving a customer with products supplied from an independent hardware retailer puts you at an advantage.

  1. They Are a Source of High-quality Products

    Independent hardware stores practice in only selling the highest quality of products available on the home improvement market. The smaller stores have a tendency to prioritize goods that are made in America, which means they in turn support other independent businesses. You can take comfort in knowing that the products you purchase for your customer will be durable and long-lasting. Keep your customers satisfied with topnotch hardware items and tools that you can depend on as a builder.

  2. Cheaper Rates on Products

    Unlike mass-marketed hardware stores, local hardware suppliers conduct their pricing based on their local market, rather than the national market. Lowering the retail price from their competitors is a tactic that can increase sales. Due to this factor, you can get better deals on some of the supplies you purchase for your customer’s projects. Buying from an independent hardware retailer can cost much less for both you and your customer, depending on the items you are looking for.

  3. Better Customer Service

    The truth of the matter with big brand stores is that personal customer service is scarce. Their store is so large that most customers expect to wait in long lines and can’t find what they want without help. At an independent hardware retailer, you are more likely to receive excellent customer service, which helps you with obtaining the items you need fast. Your customer won’t have to deal with a delay in their construction project because you’ll have direct access to the materials needed when buying from your local hardware store.

Remember, every time you purchase from an independent hardware retailer, you are helping to circulate money back into the economy. Make an impact on your local community by sticking with the local hardware stores. What are some other ways that your customers can benefit from your choice to source from an independent hardware retailer? Let us know your thoughts.

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