Why You Should Use Cabot Stain Products for Your Home Improvement Project

Does your porch look like it could use a boost? If you haven’t already covered it with pots of blooming mums, jack-o’-lanterns and corn husks, a quality wood stain application will give it the visual enhancement it needs. We recommend opting for Cabot brand wood stain products, which are great for improving the appearance of decks, siding and floors. For an appealing wood finish that lasts, Cabot will produce the results you are aiming to achieve. Whether you want to obscure the wood grain or accentuate it, the home improvement project is bound to be a success with these premium woodcare products.

At Construction Building Materials, we are a proud carrier of Cabot products. This professional wood stain has a range of benefits that will assist you with accomplishing the interior or exterior look you visualize. Still having trouble picking out a good wood stain? Here’s why Cabot can be an ideal choice.

It’s loaded with Effective Materials

When you have the wood looking fresh and beautiful, you want it to last for a long time. The stain coating is enriched with Polycarbonate Everbeads™ to create a unique formula specifically designed to secure splinters and fill cracks up to 1/4”. When the stain dries, the outcome is a skid-resistant, durable surface that is impervious to dirt.

There are Many Colors Available

Cabot offers a wide range of wood stain shades that can be ordered through our store. With more finish choices, you can select the right sheen that will match your interior or exterior design. However, the actual color of the stain may be affected by the wood’s natural color, grain tones and absorption rates, so make sure that you understand which sheen goes with the appropriate application. How the finish is applied also can affect the color of the sheen on the wood. A few of our favorite shades from the label are Coral, Brickstone, Earthen Clay, and Plum Island.

Simple Application

The professional-grade wood stain can be applied using any standard 3/8” paint roller, and can also be conveniently used on concrete. Once the stain is applied to exterior surfaces, it can be simply hosed off. Depending on the type of application and the product, the stain only takes one coat to impart the surface appearance.

Lastly, the wood stain works to preserve the surface of the application so that it stays in top condition. Some of the Cabot exterior stain products are also formulated to provide water-resistance and protection from UV radiation, as well as imperviousness to insects, mildew and fungus. Don’t scare your visitors this Halloween with unsightly wood or concrete elements of your home – enhance the appearance with quality wood stain by Cabot, available in our store.

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